Howdy. As a film-maker, I've been making music videos and films for over ten years. I have worked as a Producer, Camera Operator, Editor, Writer and Director. More often than not, I've done more than one of these roles at once on any particular project!

My projects include too many music videos to list here, two entries into the London Sci-Fi 48 Hour Challenge, the independent feature film MANCATTAN and the infamous short BOG STANDARD, which premiered in a toilet... I have also directed WATERLOO ROAD web-films for BBC OUTREACH and was Director Of Photography on THE WATCHER

Alongside my brother, Daniel Warhurst, I also run Grey Tiger Media, which is our website for corporate projects, music video and photography based work. What remaining time is left after doing all of the above is spent on my own projects and a healthy fascination with Photography, Tech, Travel, Tea and Transforming Robots.


For many years, I had one website which was mainly meant to cover all of my film based activities. That website still exists here, but over time I noticed both that I have the occasional non-bit of film related news that I would want to blog about, and that (maybe as part of getting older) I find myself having too many opinions and wanting a bigger soapbox.

As such, I've split my website across a number of different blogs, for Film, Travel, Photography and general 'Bloggish' things and what I hope to be the occasional Technology related post; seeing as how Technology is my day job after all, I should find a useful thing or two to say about it.

In a world dominated by social media, and 'FaceAche' in particular as being the de-facto platform for a lot of our opinions, conversations and insights into the world that form spontaneously day to day, I find it increasingly important that we monitor where we place these discussions and opinions, and be aware of who may have ownership of them.

Though I am sure Google/Blogger will no doubt have terms and conditions around the usage of Blogger, I am much more comfortable with the idea of having them in the open on a public platform, than behind closed doors and often murky unclear T&C's that surround closed social media websites such as FaceAche. Content that originates elsewhere, such as the Creator or Author's own pages, that is then linked to via social media, seems a much healthier, clearer and sensible way of distributing content, rather than generating it within a particular social media services walled-garden.

Social media is still massively important and I am an avid user of it myself; I just adhere to the 'right tool for the right job' school of thought. Social media is best when it is an aggregator and facilitates curation of content and links that a user may find useful or interesting. But that content has to come from somewhere.

Or maybe none of that matters, I'm over analysing it, and I just want a blog of my own. You dig?

So here you go, this particular part of my website is where the stream of consciousness, semi-spontaneous and grammar error ridden articles will appear, alongside lots of pictures of Tea, Robots and (most likely) my Cat.

If you want to focus in on the finished Film work I do, my Photography, or the things I get up to when Travelling, then please have a click on the links.


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